Flight Club Power Tumbling & Trampoline
11936 Oak Creek Pkwy
Huntley, IL 60142
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Flight Club students were asked.....  
                                      "What do you like most about Flight Club and your classes?"
"I like to meet new friends!" 
~ Zoe (age 5)
"I like the coaches. All that matters to them is that you try your best."
~ Regan (age 10)
"I like when we do multiple flip-flops on floor!"
                   ~ Erica (age 10)
"Flight Club is like a family. We have fun, joke around and make so many other great memories." 
~ Chloe (age 12)
"I like jumping and doing my swivel hips. I love to jump on the trampoline and do my performance. I love to perform at my competitions." 
~ Makenna (age 5)
"The feeling I get when I learn a new skill!" 
~ Reagan (age 12)
"First thing I like most about Flight Club is the friends I have made. I also like the trampoline and double-mini. I can't wait to start doing flips." 
~ Kiley (age 5)